The Costs of Data Center Downtime and How to Prevent It With TÜViT´s EN50600/ ISO 22237 Approach

Posted by TÜV NORD México on 18/02/2020 09:35:53 AM

Data centers are the backbone of the modern digital economy and play the key role in ensuring the economic growth of many states. The importance of data centers goes beyond the pure existence of some physical servers in a building, but they ensure the critical operations of many applications and companies. Governmental institutions and most companies will not be able to operate or produce if a downtime in their data centers occurs. Many crucial applications are allocated in the data centers such as access to websites, customer databases and information, air and train traffic control, banking operations, financial trading and in some cases almost the entire knowledge of a company necessary to enable workers to do their job. Based on how critical the infrastructure is one might imagine that a downtime of a data center can cause a huge economic damage, therefore the need becomes apparent that they have to implement effective measures in order to reduce this risk to a minimum.

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